“I love working with an organization from the very beginning—creating a strategic plan, figuring out how to bring that plan to fruition, and then implementing it. But I also enjoy working with already-existing organizations and agencies to come up with exciting new strategies and tactics. It’s all incredibly rewarding—and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.”

Vulcan Enterprises’ Founder and CEO is a thought leader and, in her own words, a “Strategic Doer”:

An executive with the rare ability to design and execute complex plans that meet strategic business needs.

Joyce founded Vulcan Enterprises in 2009, after serving in roles such as Senior Business Development Manager, Strategic Alliance Director, Global Account Manager, and as a Principal at Computer Sciences Corporation.


In 2013 she accepted a position in the Obama Administration as Deputy and Acting Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Policy & Planning at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). During her tenure, she helped implement the Secretary of Agriculture’s policy objectives and goals and oversaw an IT spending budget of $3.4 billion annually.


She’s turned her focus back to Vulcan again and is excited to bring her unique expertise to corporations and government entities of all shapes and sizes.

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