Joyce lends her experience to a number of non-profit organizations, including these three:

National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved

The mission of this public/private community partnership is to optimize the involvement of underserved communities in the development and use of health IT as a means to support and sustain health equity and economic viability. Its goal is to improve the quality of care, increase access to care and care-related service, and reduce the cost of care among the underserved so that no community is left behind.

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank is a charitable foundation practicing open access agriculture (OAA)—the free and legal right to view all farm assets—to benefit small family farms. The organization aims to create a better future for our food through the sharing of genetics, livestock and information. It is giving away 600 pigs a year to small and family farms, and helps arm them with comprehensive business plans.

Golf. My Future. My Game.

Golf is a sport from which everyone can benefit. That’s why the goal of Golf. My Future. My Game. is to raise awareness of the values, the camaraderie, the lessons and the opportunities of the sport—especially among women, millennials, kids and communities of color.

Interested in learning more about any of these organizations-or about Joyce's love of social entrepreneurship in general? Drop her a line and get the conversation going.

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